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Dear Domnique and Richard,

Where shall I start, I promised you a CD so many months ago now and the playlist hasn’t stopped forming and reforming its self in my head as the time goes on and my story evolves and there is more and more to tell you and more and more distant is that sense of having arrived that swept  down the mountain and sat so snugly by my side for my whole stay with you last spring.

There was some promise of coming back to the farm in the autumn but now here we are are, autumn has been and gone ( in London at least) and I find myself very rooted here in Brixton, in my own little clearing,  so these songs will have to visit in my place. Rest assured I think of you both and the woods, the streams, the forest garden, the donks, the mountain , and your heart warming hospitality on  a regular basis! So, without further ado, assuming there’s been enough sunlight on the solar panels of late to power your hi-fi, play this and turn it up loud!

  1. Prelude  – Bonobo
  2. Little Yellow Spider – Devendra Banhart
  3. Iris  – Dabe toure
  4. Islands – Cat power
  5. Something on your mind   – Karen Dalton
  6. Soon it will be cold enough to build fires – Emancipators
  7. Towers- Bon Iver
  8. Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes
  9. Knee deep in the North Sea – Portico Quartet
  10. Goodbye England (covered in Snow) – Laura Marling

I found this on our office door last Friday

Rahima Fitzwilliam Hall

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